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Tips for an Effective Leaflet Design

Tips for an Effective Leaflet Design

Designing a leaflet to be just right can be difficult. You need to provide enough information but not too much. It has to be punchy and effectively designed. Here are some tips for effective leaflet design.

Don’t overload

Remember the idea is to get people to make contact, either by going onto your website or calling you. Aim to write something short but enticing or appealing.

There may be a lot of information you want to get across, but this is the point of a website, not a leaflet. Keep it simple. If you’re offering a deal or discount, make sure this is prominent.

Be good looking

A leaflet design needs to include the most basic information, but it also needs to be visually appealing and attractive or at least eye-catching, so there needs to be room for this in the form of a design.

Clashing colours are a bad idea, unless done effectively. Too many clashing colours or designs can come across tacky. Stay clear of clip art or word art. You may think it looks awesome, but people usually see this as unprofessional.

Target a specific area

It’s sometimes a good idea to focus on a certain niche market, especially if you offer many different services. Mention your main services but pick out a particular area you specialise in or need to advertise more, give this a prominent space on your leaflet.

Don’t try to appeal to too many people, you will end up appealing to no-one.

Make an offer

It’s always difficult to find new clients or customers, and even more difficult to keep them coming back. It always helps to include an offer on your leaflet but one offer may not be enough. Offer a big discount for new customers, after their first purchase give them a smaller discount to entice them back for a second helping.

Even if you offer a fantastic service, it’s not always possible to convince a new customer to come back after the first time, especially when other businesses are offering similar discounts. It may cost a little to begin with, but you should make it back in the long run. Make sure your offer grabs the readers attention.

Tips for an Effective Leaflet Design