Supplying Your Own Artwork - Graphic Design and Printing - Norwich Designer

Supplying Your Own Artwork

Norwich Designer can create your artwork for print, but if you want to supply your own artwork you should follow these simple tips.

•  All print files must be supplied in the CMYK format. Any files supplied as RGB will be converted and may not produce the desired results.

•  The resolution of images should be at least 300 dots per inch (dpi). Any files supplied at less than 300dpi may appear blurred or pixelated when printed.

•  We can accept most file formats, but PDF files are preferred.

•  Most artwork should be supplied with bleed and trim marks. The purpose of the bleed is to prevent white borders around your printed item. The amount of bleed may depend on the item being printed, so please ask us for this information before finalising your artwork.

•  Please keep text well within the safe area. This will ensure important information is not trimmed off at the edges.

If we receive files that are below the recommended standards, we will work with you to improve the standards for print, so that you are completely satisfied with the end result.