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Priscilla Bacon Lodge

Priscilla Bacon Lodge

My regular clients will know that the past 6 months has been an extremely difficult period, as my Mother was diagnosed with cancer in April and lost her battle in August.

She spent her final week in Priscilla Bacon Lodge in Norwich, which specialises in palliative care. The wonderful staff allowed me and my brothers to stay there with Mum – night and day – and did everything they could to make us comfortable. They took care of Mum and made her as comfortable as she could be. It’s because of the staff and services they provide, that Mum’s three sons were able to hold her hand and comfort her as she took her final breath.

Priscilla Bacon Lodge was established around 40 years ago through a public fundraising campaign. Against a requirement of around 50 beds, it has just 16 to cater for the whole of Norfolk. It is inadequate in both scale and configuration. Due to the constraints of its city centre location, no further expansion is possible.

Once again help is needed from the public. A new, 24 bed Priscilla Bacon Hospice is in the pipeline, with all the very best facilities, built on a semi-rural site close to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. But they need to raise £12.5 million for the new hospice.

After the care and support my family received, we just had to do something. My partner is helping to raise money by taking part in the Norwich Inflatable 5k for Priscilla Bacon Hospice in October. At the time of writing, he has already raised over £400 towards his target of £500, but we want to keep it going as much as possible.

Please help us raise money by donating here.

Priscilla Bacon Lodge